Mélange Yarn

The yarn produced by the combination of at least two or more than two fibers, whether of same type but different in color or type of fiber used is different.

Environmentally Friendly

First dye a part of the fiber, then mix the dyed fiber with the raw fiber, and then spun into yarn. Compared with the traditional spinning and dyeing process, it can save more than 60% of water and reduce more than 60% of sewage. It has obvious advantages in energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection.

Colorful & Stylish

Mélange Yarn shows a variety of colors on the same yarn. Its rich and vibrant color makes the fabric dazzling and wondrous. We are committed to interpreting international popular colors in the field of color spinning, satisfying consumers' pursuit of fashion, and winning the praise of fashion brand designers and color experts.

Advanced Technology

The dyeing process of mélange yarn is unique, and the process requirements for fiber dyeing, color matching and multi-fiber blending are relatively high. We have made continuous progress in the material, color and craftsmanship of color spinning, and have won unanimous recognition from customers.

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